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Welcome to Helicopter Parts UK, a free website for parts suppliers and searchers alike. Post if you have parts for sale or if you have a certain requirement.
We aim to provide a good service to those in the UK or anywhere in Europe so listings that aren't available for those within the UK or Europe will be removed.
Still having trouble locating tricky to find parts? We provide a free Parts Locator RFQ Service, getting suppliers to do the legwork.

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We also provide an appropriately categorized and free directory service, so you can find approved specialists and contact them direct in your own time. Why not include your company in our directory for free extra exposure; we only need to confirm you’re in the right business and that you provide services to the right area. We accept many different types of organizations, allowing them to spread the word of their existence and location; such as helicopter engine specialists, equipment/accessories manufacturers, pilot schools, AOC operators, specialist maintenance facilities, the list really could go on.

We find that not just old or used helicopter parts are listed - many new surplus helicopter parts are available at reasonable rates, and many like to offer a bargain on discount helicopter parts. We provide a venue for this to happen, and aim to keep it a simple and tidy place to visit time and time again. We replicate listings across to several social networks too, assisting to inform the world of your requirements or featured parts and allowing your classified ad to be seen on many platforms & in many different circumstances. Our parts RSS feed allows easy subscription to listings that fall within a certain category and, by using one of many free applications, can be displayed on a computer or smart phone desktop - keeping you updated almost live. Ideas to help make HP-UK a better place to find needed parts/equipment/accessories are welcome, and if we use your idea then we will give you free advertising space on our website.
HP-UK is a great place for finding and selling many rotorcraft components like parts, tools, accessories, equipment, consumables, and even whole aircraft.

Please be cautious of all listings on this website, and use common sense. Please note our Terms of Use.

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